Course Update

Please note that due to the ongoing winter works program, certain areas of the course will be out of play over the coming weeks and months.  In particular please note the following:

  • As previously advised, we are not proposing to use mats during the winter period.  As an alternative, certain areas of fairway will be closed.  The affected holes are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 9 and the closed areas have been marked using white lines and blue stakes.  Play in these designated areas is prohibited.  If your ball comes to rest in any of these areas you are required to lift, clean and drop your ball to the nearest point of relief (left or right) outside the closed area.
  • As part of the winter works program, certain remodeling of bunkers will be carried out.  The affected holes are 6, 8 and 9.  While work is being completed on a particular hole during the week, a temporary green will be in play on that particular hole.  For weekend competitions, the full green will be back in play and the areas affected by the remodeling work will be closed, marked using white lines and will be clearly identified as ‘Ground Under Repair’.
  • In addition, due to the recent wet weather, certain areas of the course have been affected by casual water and relief is available from such areas.  From this weekend, there will be designated ‘Drop Zones’ in operation to provide relief from the flooding left of fairway 7.
  • Finally, members are reminded that any bunkers that are not clearly marked ‘Play Prohibited’ or ‘Ground Under Repair’ remain in play.  Where relief is being claimed from casual water in a bunker that is not marked ‘Play Prohibited’ or ‘Ground Under Repair’, the ball must be dropped in the bunker.  If a player takes relief outside of the bunker a one shot penalty applies (see Rule 25).

Kind Regards,

Keith Murphy

Greens Convener

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