Course Winter Works 2016

We are excited to announce that the winter renovation works are commencing on Monday the 28th of November. We would ask members to be patient during the work as there may be some minor inconvenience to the set-up of the golf course from day to day as we will be using temporary greens while working on certain areas.

This year we are focusing on holes two, three, four, five and seven. Work will commence initially on the 7th hole and more precisely at the green. Our plan is to tie the greens complex and the lower field to the left of the green together which will result in a more natural finish to the green and the removal of the abrupt mounding to the left of the green. The end result will be a more free flowing greens complex that will add a different challenge to both the approach and recovery shots around the green.

Work will then move onto the 5th with the installation of a new fairway bunker on the right hand side adjacent to the 6th tee. We will use the two ‘rounded mounds’ on the left of the fourth fairway and the three ‘rounded mounds’ on the right of the 5th fairway as fill to form mounding that the bunker will sit in to. The addition of this bunker will add to the strategic challenge of the hole with the added benefit of enhanced safety at the 6th tee and the removal of the artificial mounding on the 4th and 5th. While on the 5th we may alter the mound short left of the green and the mound short right of the green, if time allows.

Following on from the 5th we will move to the 2nd/3rd to add a fairway bunker complex, set in mounding, on the right hand side of the 2nd. Once again, this will add to the strategic challenges on both holes as it focus the golfers attention when standing on both the 2nd and 3rd tee.

The above works will further refine and add to the golf course at Rush. We would like to ask members to be patient during the grow-in period and to take care to drop off the aforementioned areas.

Ronan Branigan

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