Ian St John Beneficiary Raffle

Dear Fellow Member,

Rush Golf Club are delighted to announce the Ian St John Beneficiary Raffle.  Please find attached a PDF ticket for a draw that is being run to assist Ian’s family with the unforeseen expenses they’re faced with.  All monies raised will be passed to Orla to help with the day to day running of the home and to pay Ian’s staff.  We’ve a small team of people that are looking after the selling of the tickets

Wednesday Golfers:- Mick Grant Phone +353 (86) 2611287

Ladies Section:- Marie-Louise Brennan Phone +353 (87) 2690292

Saturday Golfers:- Paul Brennan Phone +353 (86) 8145356

Sunday Golfers:- John Caulfield Phone +353 (87) 2201591

Tickets are €50 each, and can be bought individually or by 2,3 or 4 persons.  We have 25+ Prizes which gives a 1-10 chance of winning!  However this one is not about the winning but the taking part! 

We understand the pressures this time of the year brings; anything/everything that you can do is greatly appreciated.

John Caulfield

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