RUSH GOLF CLUB Local Rules Update

Due to changes on the course the Club has had to change certain local rules. The current set of Club Local Rules have been posted on the Notice Boards.

The Rules on the back of scorecards are currently not valid and new scorecards with the updated rules will be printed once the current stock is depleted.

The following are the valid Local Rules

1.         OUT Of BOUNDS
(a)         Outside the boundaries of the course which are indicated by white posts – this includes the Clubhouse enclosure, car park, maintenance sheds and putting green.
(b)         Ball coming to rest in or over cutting left on 3/12 fairway. The white posts on right of 3/12 fairway are immovable obstructions (Local Rule). Rule 24 2B applies.
(c)         White posts on the right of 4/13 fairway. (Internal out of bounds).
(d)         White posts on the left and right of 7/16 fairway, also ball coming to rest on or over the road right of 7/16 fairway.
(e)         White posts at the back of 9/18 green and around the putting green, also ball coming to rest on or over the road right of 9/18 fairway.
Note:  The foreshore is not out of bounds.

Pump House, E. S. B. Poles, water sprinkler covers and made paths, steps, seats and lampposts on the right hand side of 9/18 fairway. Rule 24/2B applies.
3.         A ball resting on a putting green other than that of the hole being played must be lifted and dropped as prescribed by Rule 25/3.
4.         The pond on 9/18 fairway is a water hazard. Rule 26 applies.
5.         Stones in bunkers may be removed without penalty. Rule 24/1.
6.         The committee has made a Local Rule allowing players to use devices that measure or gauge distance only. Rule 14/3.
Competitors shall have precedence over all other players.

Fairway Distance Markers are in Meters to front of Greens.

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