Winter Golf

We are continuing the process that we implemented last year therefore we will not be introducing the use of mats on the fairways this winter.

Please note that there will be some sections of fairways marked as “Play Prohibited” using white lines (and blue stakes).  If your ball lands in these areas you are required to lift, clean and place your ball in the semi rough (or on the fairway outside the marked area if nearer).   You are required to go to the point which is the closest to where your ball has come to rest within the “Play Prohibited” section and you may place the ball “Not Nearer the Hole” from where your ball came to rest in the “Play Prohibited” Section.

In addition, the area right of the 2nd/11th green will also be marked as “Play Prohibited” using white lines.  A drop zone will be in use if your ball comes to rest in this area.  A local rule will be in operation so that you may place your ball in the drop zone.


Keith Murphy
Greens Convenor

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