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Ladies Section - General Information

Ladies Section - General Information


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Rush Golf Club boasts a tradition of high participation by members in club and open competitions. All players are expected to adhere to competition rules which are designed to ensure fair-play, improve player etiquette and enhance competitiveness.



Timesheets for weekend competitions go live at 1pm on the Friday for the following weekend. Members are reminded of their responsibility to remove themselves from the timesheet at the earliest opportunity in the case that they are not available to play. It is expected that those appearing on the timesheet at 2.00pm on the Friday of the weekend will be in attendance for their allotted time on the Saturday and Sunday. Timesheet for the Thursday competition goes live at 1pm on the Wednesday for the following week.  


Members taking slots on the timesheet and not turning up for play or withdrawing late from the timesheet and thus excluding other members from playing may be subject to disciplinary action by the club, which includes, but is not limited to, suspension from access to the timesheet. In the case that a member has to withdraw, the next person appearing on the Waiting List must be allocated the vacant slot. Under no circumstances should a member vacating a slot on the timesheet place the name of another member in the vacant slot, nor should a member turn up to play in the slot allocated on the timesheet to another member. The Ladies Committee will be monitoring behaviours in this regard. Can we please remind members of their responsibility to the club, to one another and to the spirit of the game of golf.


Individual Competitors are solely responsible for their names appearing on the timesheet. 


Members are encouraged to use the timesheet at all times including weekdays. Under the Current Covid-19 protocols members must use the timesheet irrespective of the day of the week.




It is important that the member has sufficient funds on her club account to cover the competition fees. Members can check their account balance via the Club V1 app on Smartphones, in the member’s area of this website ( or by contacting the Bar only, in person with her Club Card.  Members can top up Club Cards using Cash or Bank Card, at the Bar only and will need their Club Card to do so. Please note that there is a system delay from topping up your Club Card to being entered in the competition and a further delay prior to entering scores. The Pro-Shop team has no control over these systems, so please allow yourself adequate time if you intend topping up before play. During these times please wear a mask when entering the Pro-Shop and Bar.


Persons in arrears (Annual Subscription and Competition Fees) will not be eligible to win prizes in any competition.

We ask all members to logon and register with Golf Ireland . This is the official GUI resource for your handicap details. You will find all details in relation to your Golfing Scores and Handicap and you will need your CDH number to register with the site.

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General Competition Rules

The following conditions under which Club competitions are to be played have been drawn up and approved by the Ladies Committee.  Members must be aware of and comply with them.


Rules of Golf

The Rules of Golf as approved by R & A Rules Limited and the U.S.G.A., in addition to Local Rules as made and published by the Ladies Committee shall apply to all competitions.

(Players should familiarise themselves with these rules).


The competition secretary and committee are responsible for drawing up and interpreting conditions for all competitions. Their decision is final in all matters relating to competitions.


If the number of participants in a competition is 7 or below, the competition will be abandoned, no prizes will be awarded. If a competition is sponsored the prize will be presented once we have 17 entries.


​Competition entry fee is €6.



Scorecards​ in Competitions

Under the new WHS you are required to include:

- Your Name 

- Competition

- Date

- Your Handicap Index

- Course Handicap

- Playing Handicap

- The measured course being played (Red)

- Your Signature and your CDH Number (8-digit number from your Clubcard)

- Your Marker’s Signature and CDH Number (8-digit number from their Clubcard)


The Club’s systems will provide most of the required detail on the printed label provided on entry to the competition but the member is responsible to ensure all detail is correct. On completion of your round, enter your score in the computer and then place the card in the designated collection point.


Members are required to note the time that they ‘leave’ the 1st Tee, the time that they complete the 9th Green and the time that they complete the 18th Green. This should be marked clearly on your card. Your card should always have the strokes taken on each hole and if playing stableford have the Stableford points filled in for each hole (where applicable), to assist in the efficient processing of cards. 


In the case that there is a problem with the inputting of scores (systems failure), the member should alert a Committee Member as soon as possible so that remedial action can be taken.


​All handicaps shall be maintained in accordance with WHS as of 2nd November 2020. All players should be aware of their rights and obligations under the WHS. 


All players must be at the tee-box, ready to play for their allocated time on the 1st Tee.


No casual golf is permitted during official competition time. 




Ties in Stableford and V.Par competitions shall be decided as follows: 




Ties in Strokeplay competitions are decided as follows. The winner will be the player whose score is lowest (to fractions of a stroke), firstly by applying half of playing handicap for the back 9, secondly by applying one-third of playing handicap for the back 6 and thirdly by applying one sixth of playing handicap for the back 3. In match play, if level after 18 holes – thereafter sudden death (starting at the 1st with index applied).


Rules regarding Amateur Status applies in all competitions.


Updating Rules of Competition

These Rules of Competition will be updated from time to time. The Ladies Committee will update via the Club Website and Noticeboards. The most up-to-date version will be posted up in the Ladies Locker Room and where any difference applies, the rules posted on the noticeboard will supersede those printed in the Club Diary.


Players in a competition shall have precedence over players playing ordinary matches.

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Casual Golf Rounds for Handicap Purposes

Under the WHS, as of 2nd November 2020, players may record scores from Casual Rounds to be entered against their handicap record. An acceptable round must be played over a measured 9 or 18 hole round of golf, in the company of at least one other person acting as a marker. To post a casual round, you must first pre-register your round by entering your card details at the computer in the Pro-Shop or the Locker-Room. 


You must fill in your card manually including the following details


- Your Name 

- Please State ‘For Handicap Purposes’ on the card

- Date

- Your Handicap Index

- Course Handicap

- Playing Handicap

- The measured course being played (Red)

- Your Signature and your CDH Number (8-digit number from your Clubcard)

- Your Marker’s Signature and CDH Number (8-digit number from their Clubcard)


Upon completion of your round please post the score in the computer and place the card in the designated collection point. Please enter Casual Cards on the computer prior to 11pm on the day of play. The WHS systems close off at this time and playing conditions calculation (PCC) for the day will not be applied to cards posted after this time. ​

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Course Etiquette

Please replace divots or use divot mix, repair pitch marks, and rake bunkers (not required under Covid directives). All players must carry and use divot mix whilst playing. Players carrying golf bags must make provision for carrying divot mix. There are ‘mix boxes’ located throughout the course, please use them.


This is ‘our’ golf course. If you see a divot unfilled, fill it. On the green, repair your own pitch mark and also repair others that you may see. Please do not leave it to someone else. We also ask players to take particular care, when removing the ball from the hole with this flag still in place and when using ‘ball retrievers’, to avoid damaging the lip of the hole. 


Players are also responsible for checking the conditions of play, on the club notice board prior to competitions.



Slow Play

Slow-play is a source of much frustration and disquiet amongst our playing members. The Ladies Committee would urge all members to play at a good pace without detriment to their own game, whilst preserving for their fellow members, the enjoyment of the game we all love.


Rush Golf Club allows for a two hour turnaround for nine holes. In the case that a group completes their first nine in under the two hour window, they must stand aside and allow those teeing off on their first hole to commence play at their allocated time. 


Players should play at a good pace. It is a group’s responsibility to keep up with the group in front. If a group loses a clear hole and is delaying the group behind, they should invite the group behind to play through, irrespective of the number of players in that group. Where a group has not lost a clear hole, but it is apparent that the group behind can play faster, they should invite the faster moving group to play through.


Rush Golf Club encourages the use of ‘Ready Golf’ where players play when ready and ‘out of turn’. 


Where appropriate:

‘Longer Hitters’ may tee off last. 

Pick up your ball when you can no longer score on the hole.

Go directly to your own ball first, particularly off the tee.

Play a provisional ball if in doubt. Under Covid directives you may not return to play a shot in the case of a lost ball.

Do not write up scorecards whilst on the green, do so at the tee box whilst playing partners are teeing off.

Position your trolley between the green and next tee-box when at the green.

Search time for lost balls is 3 minutes (Rule of Golf).


Under no circumstances should players play whilst the group ahead may be in range.

Feedback from Members


The Ladies Golf Committee welcomes input from members on the running of the competitions. Comments or suggestions should be sent in writing to the Secretary Ladies Section Golf at Rush Golf Club or using the contact form on this site


Ladies Committee:


Lady Captain:                      Susan Byrne

Lady Vice Captain:              Patricia Martin

Ladies Secretary:                 Karen Butterly

Treasurer:                             Betty Farrell


/ Handicap Secretary          Fiona O’Loughlin

Handicap Secretary:           

Ordinary Members:            Lynda Nugent

                                             Evelyn McGuinness

                                             Susan Leonard


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