Ladies Matchplay and Competition Events 2021

Sandown Cup:

Entry to the Sandown Cup closed on 30th June 2021.

Draws are available in the Members Area or on Club V1. 

The number of shots is calculated using the full difference of the players Course Handicap.


The Final will be played on 12th September.

Ladies Inter-club Competitions:

Due to Covid-19, there are no Inter-club competitions in 2021. The competitions that would normally be entered are:

  • Junior Cup - To be eligible, players must have a handicap index of no less than 7.5

  • Intermediate Cup - To be eligible, players must have a handicap index of no less than 15.0

  • Junior Foursomes Cup – To be eligible, players must have a handicap index of no lower than 13.0. For a pair to be eligible, their handicap indexes, when added together, must not be lower than 28.0

  • Irish Mixed Foursomes - For a pair to be eligible, their handicap indexes, when added together, must not be lower than 19.0


Ladies Internal Cup/Trophy Competitions:

Full members, 5-day members and Associate members are eligible to enter all

internal competitions but may not be eligible to win 1st prize (see section on Prize Eligibility).

  • Sandown Cup – Match play

  • Kathleen Ward Trophy – Singles

  • Moynihan Trophy – Singles

  • Eileen O’Reilly Trophy – Singles

  • Hickey Cup - Singles



There will be no Lamb League or Spring Teams in 2021.

The Turkey League will start on 14th October 2021.

It is a 9 hole stableford competition played over 8 weeks. 

Ladies must have 5 cards entered to be eligible for a prize.

More information in the Members area.

Rush Ladies Golf Club Prize Eligibility 18 Hole Competitions in 2021:

  • Minimum number of players for all 18 hole competition is 8.

  • All prize vouchers will be from Rush ProShop.

  • Full Lady Members & Lady Associates can win all prizes.

  • 5 Day Members, Country Members & Junior Members are eligible to win all prizes in the ladies competitions with the exception of 1st prize in any Major competition: i.e. Lady Captains prize, Captains prize to the ladies, Presidents prize to the ladies, Hickey cup, Moynihan Trophy, Kathleen Ward Trophy, Eileen O Reilly Trophy.

  • All members must have entered and competed in a minimum of 4 Rush Ladies 18 hole Competitions in 2021, prior to the 1st leg of Lady Captains Prize, in order to win Lady Captains prize. NOTE: Due to Covid, 18 hole competition cards from 2020 will be counted towards the minimum requirement.

  • All members are eligible to win Golfer of the Year (GOY).

  • Only some Thursdays are Invitational, see your Fixture Book. Visitors are eligible to win all prizes in Invitational competitions.

Farrell Cup:

Draw can be found in the Members Area or in Club V1.

Rules and format:​

  • BOTH parties are responsible for arranging to play their match.

  • Both parties should endeavour to contact their opponent(s) at the earliest opportunity to arrange their match date and time.

  • In the case of a tie in the match, continue play from the 1st tee and shots are applied on the respective index that applies to each hole.

  • The Committee reserves the right to cancel the competition entirely or to amend all dates (i.e. entry dates/round completion dates) as appropriate.

  • All matches must be played in accordance with the Covid19 regulations as they apply at time of play.

  • Match Results to be submitted through V1.

  • No extensions are allowed or can be facilitated, as failure to submit result means no name will  go through to next round and a bye will be given.

  • Cost of entry €10 per team (€5 per player). Mixed Foursomes played off handicaps of the day.

  • Each team will play with two balls (one per player) which must be clearly marked. The Male Team member will tee off on the odd numbered holes and his playing partner will tee off on the even numbered holes. The player teeing off will be responsible for ‘managing the ball’ during  the hole which means he/she is responsible for teeing off, drops where required, ball marking on the green and ball retrieval from the hole and play is from the WHITE markers for the men and RED markers for the ladies.

  • Handicap Strokes are applied as per the Men’s Course.

  • Under the WHS the applicable handicap for Foursomes Matchplay is 50% of the combined COURSE Handicaps of the two players.