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Policy on Non - Returns

Each player must ensure their score is submitted after each counting round. It is expected that every player who enters an 18 Hole Qualifying Competition intends to complete the round.



Following the implementation of WHS, Golf Ireland now calls for sanctions to be imposed on repeat offenders of non-returns, so the Committee is obliged to keep this under review. Each qualifying score helps determine the PCC (playing conditions calculation), so every return influences the overall handicap calculation on the day.


Players who start a round but who do not play the minimum number of holes required, may be subject to a penalty score (CONGU Rule 7.1b).


CONGU guidance states that the Committee needs to determine the reason for non-return.  Penalty Score will be considered if determined that a player deliberately failed to return a score, or for those who persistently refuse to return scores.


Penalty Scores will be considered where there is a non-valid reason for failure to return a score (e.g. memory lapse or not realising a score had to be returned in such situations as injury, failing light, dangerous weather etc.).


For persistent failure to return scores or repeated failure to complete rounds, CONGU states that consideration must be given to commencing disciplinary proceedings against the player. These could include the imposition of sanctions against the player, including withdrawal or suspension of Handicap Index for a period of time.


In addition, the National Handicap Authority can also determine that a penalty score to apply to a player’s record and apply it automatically. 

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