Handicap Guidelines R.G.C.

[NOTE These guidelines will be superseded by the new World Handicap System in November 2020]

Each player who enters a Singles qualifying Competition immediately receives a +0.1. This is a part of the CONGU Incremental System.

Each player will receive a +0.1 unless he returns a score equal to his Buffer Zone, in which case he will not receive any increase.

Each player who returns a nett score better than his Buffer Zone will have his Handicap reduced incrementally as per his Category e.g. Cat 1 players will be reduced by multiples of -0.1 per shot better than his Buffer Zone, Cat 2 players will be reduced by multiples of -0.2 per shot better than his Buffer Zone.


All Players are required to return their scorecards, fully completed or otherwise.

In Medal Competitions Players, who do not return a fully completed scorecard will each have their total score treated as a No Return (N.R.) and adjusted – ( re Rules of Golf Rule 3-2 and see also CONGU Clause 19).

Also Decision for failure to return a scorecard on completion of a round causing inconvenience to the Handicap Committee, the club would be entitled to suspend the players right to compete in club competitions for a specified period or, for more persistent offences, suspend his handicap for an appropriate period. 

Clubs are encouraged to introduce a ‘Condition of Competition’ for those players who fail to return their scorecards.

A tolerance of up to 3NR’s per annum, where a player has an acceptable reason for failure either to return his scorecard or to complete a round. Acceptable reasons would include, sickness, an accident, etc.

Disciplinary action could be taken against players who do not have an acceptable reason for failure to return his scorecard or complete a round such as ‘It was raining’ (rain is part of the game of golf).

The Handicap Committee would be justified in cancelling the players +0.1 in such circumstances.

NB 1: The real meaning of NR is a Non-Return of a Card; NR has got into the culture of Golf Vocabulary  where a player fails to make a return in Stroke Play Golf i.e. failure to Hole Out as in Rule 3-2 the penalty for which is DQ, rather than putting / entering NR against a hole the player in Stroke Play should enter DQ.

Short Rule of Thumb:
NB 2 If it is agreed among a Handicap Committee that a player
"Intentionally / Premeditated"  breached a Rule of Golf and is DQd – for Handicapping Purposes that person, if in the opinion of the Handicap Committee there was some premeditated reason, does not receive a 0.1, as against a player who forgets to sign a card or enter his handicap, that is deemed unintentional and would receive a 0.1

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