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WINTER GOLF  2021/22



10TH October 2021

Where: 8th Teebox

Changes: Temporary winter tee matt in place



DATE: 16th October 2021

Changes: Moving from 18 Holes on weekend to 9 Holes on weekend 


Winter Works Notice

DATE: January 5th

NOTICE TO ALL MEMBERS The Fairways will be closed for play from Wednesday 5 January 2022. As has been the case in recent years there will be sections of the fairways marked as ‘Play Prohibited’ using white lines and blue stakes. However this year, you will be required to use a mat from the point where your ball came to rest in the ‘Play Prohibited’ section. You WILL NOT have the option to drop your ball in the rough outside the marked area. The area to the right of the 2nd/11th Green will also be marked as ‘Play Prohibited’ using white lines, and the above applies here also. No stroke is permitted to be played from inside the 'Play Prohibited' areas unless using a mat.

Outside the blue stakes in front of each green the use of mats is optional in closely mown areas. Alternatively, you may lift, clean & PLACE the ball within 6” on the fairway in these areas. NOTE: ONLY MATS ISSUED BY THE CLUB MAY BE USED AND MATS MUST NOT BE CUT OR ALTERED IN ANYWAY. IN ORDER TO AVOID SLOW PLAY EACH MEMBER SHOULD HAVE A MAT – SHARING OF MATS IS NOT PERMITTED. MATS ON SALE FROM PRO SHOP.


Teeing mats will again be in operation to protect certain tee boxes. When using mats, you are reminded that you must tee your ball on AND STAND ON the mat, irrespective of the position of the tee markers. You are not permitted to take a stance off the mat when playing a shot.


Finally, all Members are asked to take a divot bag prior to commencing play and to make an extra effort to repair pitch marks on the greens. We hope that the above measures will help to protect the course over the winter months and ensure that members enjoy the best possible playing conditions throughout the golfing year.



Keith Murphy

Greens Convenor

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