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Timesheets, Accounts & General Information


Timesheets for weekend competitions go live at 1pm on the Friday for the following weekend. Members are reminded of their responsibility to remove themselves from the timesheet at the earliest opportunity in the case that they are not available to play. It is expected that those appearing on the timesheet at 2.00pm on the Friday of the weekend will be in attendance for their allotted time on the Saturday and Sunday. Timesheet for the Thursday competition goes live at 1pm on the Wednesday for the following week.  


Members taking slots on the timesheet and not turning up for play or withdrawing late from the timesheet and thus excluding other members from playing may be subject to disciplinary action by the club, which includes, but is not limited to, suspension from access to the timesheet. In the case that a member has to withdraw, the next person appearing on the Waiting List must be allocated the vacant slot. Under no circumstances should a member vacating a slot on the timesheet place the name of another member in the vacant slot, nor should a member turn up to play in the slot allocated on the timesheet to another member. The Ladies and Men's Committees will be monitoring behaviours in this regard. Can we please remind members of their responsibility to the club, to one another and to the spirit of the game of golf.


Individual Competitors are solely responsible for their names appearing on the timesheet. 


Members must use the timesheet at all times including weekdays.


It is important that the member has sufficient funds on their club account to cover the competition fees. Members can check their account balance via the Club V1 app on Smartphones or by contacting the Bar only, in person with their Club Card.  


Members can top up Club Cards using Cash or Bank Card at the Bar only and will need their Club Card to do so. Please note that there is a system delay from topping up your Club Card to being entered in the competition and a further delay prior to entering scores. The Pro-Shop team has no control over these systems, so please allow yourself adequate time if you intend topping up before play. 


Persons in arrears (Annual Subscription and/or Competition Fees) will not be eligible to win prizes in any competition.

General Competition Rules

The following conditions under which Club competitions are to be played have been drawn up and approved by the Committees.  Members must be aware of and comply with them.


Rules of Golf:

The Rules of Golf as approved by R & A Rules Limited and the U.S.G.A., in addition to Local Rules as made and published by the Committees shall apply to all competitions.

(Players should familiarise themselves with these rules).


The competition secretaries and committees are responsible for drawing up and interpreting conditions for all competitions. Their decision is final in all matters relating to competitions.


In the case of the Men’s Competitions, if the number of participants in a competition is 15 or below, the competition will be abandoned, no prizes will be awarded and the Entry Fees will be refunded. If a competition is sponsored and there is a low participation (under 33 entries), sponsors will be contacted as to whether prizes are to be awarded. Otherwise, 40% of entry fees will be given as prizes.


In the case of the Ladies Competitions, if the number of participants in a competition is 6 or below, the competition will be abandoned and no prizes will be awarded. Check the Notice Board in the Locker room for details regarding numbers needed for further prizes.


​Competition entry fee is €6 (excluding Winter Competitions and feature events such as Captains Day, Presidents Day).

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