World Handicap System

The World Handicap system is with us from Nov 2nd 2020. So what's all the fuss about?

Well previously you had a handicap and that was pretty much that. However that handicap could change a lot throughout a season and wasn't always reflective of how a player was playing regularly. There's also the fact that if you played on a different course it may not have felt like your handicap really represented your ability on that course.

Well the WHS is set to try to tackle these and many more concerns.

To do so fairly means the system is a bit more complex than it used to be.

So to avoid rapid swings in handicap per round you're now assessed on the average of the best 8 of your last 20 rounds. This gives you a 'Handicap Index'. It's less volatile, and is the part of your handicap that you'll take with you to any course and any competition.

Any course you play will have a Course Rating (similar to the existing Standard Scratch), and a 'Slope Rating' which cater for the relative difference in difficulty of a course (See here for Rush Course Rating).

To see how this affects you when playing in Rush Golf Club take a look at the Course Handicap Tables here

In any given competition  you will play off a 'Playing Handicap' which is usually 95% of you index - this is primarily to level the playing field for lower handicap golfers.

Is this starting to sound complex? 

Don't worry - in Nov 2020 we upgraded our club computer system, so once you sign into a competition the computer will calculate your playing handicap for the day.

We've attached some docs form Golf Ireland to help explain this and more, and link to their site with even more tutorials, videos, and presentations. The club Handicap Secretaries will also be happy to answer any further questions, but remember the computer will do most of the work for the new system!

For more information from Golf Ireland click here

Check out some of the most common questions about the WHS click the link here

Here's some more info on what you need to know as a player


Rush GC Course Handicap Tables

In 2020 Golf Ireland assessed Rush Golf Club and assigned the following course Handicap tables for each of the three sets of tees. 

For the Blue Tees click here

For the White Tees click here

For the Red Tees click here


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