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Our Course and Playing Tips Hole by Hole

PGA Professional Dearbhla Behans Top Tips for RGC

The wind is a constant element here at Rush Golf Club so ' When it's breezy, swing it easy'.

We host a few short par 4s , but don't be fooled by taking the driver on every hole. Think about the ' Risk versus the Reward'. The links ground is hard and can cause the ball to take an unwanted bounce.  A ball in play is better than a ball on the beach regardless of distance carried.

Some tee boxes are sheltered and can shield you from feeling the 'real' wind. Allow for the wind at the flag / down the fairway more than what you feel on the tee box. This will be the case on the 6th / 15th. So don't get caught out.

The 7th hole can be a daunting hole from the Men's tee box, but remember you have some room to the left once you get passed the greenkeepers area. Left is safe, right you are in the clubhouse and OB.

The 9th/ 18th hole is my favourite hole at RGC. It has made and broken score cards for many years now. The temptation of driving the ball onto the green is often a short lived dream with a bunker welcoming you for your second shot. My advice - 6 iron, wedge, putter....Home and dry with a par in the pocket.

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