Score Cards & Competition Ties

Under the new WHS you are required to include:

- Your Name 

- Competition

- Date

- Your Handicap Index

- Course Handicap

- Playing Handicap

- The measured course being played (Red/Blue/White)

- Your Signature and your CDH Number (8-digit number from your Clubcard)

- Your Marker’s Signature and CDH Number (8-digit number from their Clubcard)


The Club’s systems will provide most of the required detail on the printed label provided on entry to the competition but the member is responsible to ensure all detail is correct. On completion of your round, enter your score in the computer and then place the card in the designated collection point.


Members are required to note the time that they ‘leave’ the 1st Tee, the time that they complete the 9th Green and the time that they complete the 18th Green. This should be marked clearly on your card. Your card should always have the strokes taken on each hole and if playing stableford have the Stableford points filled in for each hole (where applicable), to assist in the efficient processing of cards. 


In the case that there is a problem with the inputting of scores (systems failure), the member should alert a Committee Member as soon as possible so that remedial action can be taken.


​All handicaps shall be maintained in accordance with WHS as of 2nd November 2020. All players should be aware of their rights and obligations under the WHS. 


All players must be at the tee-box, ready to play for their allocated time on the 1st Tee.


No casual golf is permitted during official competition time. 





Ties in Stableford and V.Par competitions shall be decided as follows: 




Ties in Strokeplay competitions are decided as follows. The winner will be the player whose score is lowest (to fractions of a stroke), firstly by applying half of playing handicap for the back 9, secondly by applying one-third of playing handicap for the back 6 and thirdly by applying one sixth of playing handicap for the back 3. In match play, if level after 18 holes – thereafter sudden death (starting at the 1st with index applied).


Rules regarding Amateur Status applies in all competitions.


Updating Rules of Competition;

These Rules of Competition will be updated from time to time. The Committees will update via the Club Website and Noticeboards. The most up-to-date version will be posted up in the Locker Rooms and where any difference applies, the rules posted on the noticeboard will supersede those printed in the Club Diary.


Players in a competition shall have precedence over players playing ordinary matches.