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Captains Prize 2019

It all started with the Captains Qualifiers

The Captains Qualifiers took place over 6 weekends resulting in 100 players making it through to round one of the Captains Prize 2019.

Day one welcomed a blustery start to the competition but with our competitors well used to that here in Rush it was a level playing field as the players gripped tight on the drivers and started what was going to be a hard day at the office.

After Day one, 80 players were successful in making the cut and their Captains Day journey was not yet over, but for those unlucky 20 it was a high stool and watching from the side-lines for the next week.

The Captain woke up early on Saturday morning Day 2, In order to meet and greet the remaining players all looking to get their hands on the Captains Prize 2019. The early start brought some mixed weather but the sun was soon shining and Mother Nature provided the perfect weather for the Captains Day. As the players took the turn thru 9, the look of both frustration and joy was clear across some faces and for those struggling to stay hydrated the Captain provided some much-needed refreshments on the 9th green. The leaders arrived with a spring in there step and in a convoy of buggies as they began their journey to reach 1st place. The Intermediates then took to the tee as they followed the leaders for the afternoon. After a long morning and previous long Sunday morning of ‘ Pick your favourite golfer (as the Captain put it), it was the young guns time to show off. The day carried on and the golfers came in off the golf course defeated and full of ‘what ifs’…. some happier than others, some taking up tennis in the near future and some content with what they had done on the course.

But at the end of it all we had a winner- KARL MACKLE CAPTAINS PRIZE WINNER 2019. Congratulations Karl on two fantastic days of golf. Karl finished with a combined stableford score of 71, Karl was joined in his fourball by Con Martin, Ciaran Fynes and Runner Up Gerry Langan whom he thanked for keeping him going as the day went on.

On the day we hosted a Wooden Driver Longest Drive on the 7thHole with all proceeds going to St Francis Hospice. Thank you to all who supported this worthy cause.

Well done to Captain Alan Nugent and his Team behind the scenes who put everything together for the day and for their continued hard work throughout the year

List of Winners Below:

Congratulations to Gerry Langan who finished a close second on a countback.


See below for more photos of the day and the prizewinners:

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