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After a long awaited 2 years...The Captains Drive In returns to Rush Golf Club

While many slept on a soft Sunday rainy morning our Captains were only rising up to face what they had signed up for.....A day of fancy dress followed by golf and some well needed refreshments.

As the morning golfers who battled the elements came in and got their morning feed the club house began to fill up with the distant memory of what the Captains Drive In was all about and those who were settling in for the day reminiced of Captains Drive Ins gone by,

Due to covid our great club has been unable to celebrate this day for the past 2 years with The Captain and Lady Captain of 2020/21 missing out on the day and opting of Face masks rather than fancy dress, a reality they accepted and braved so well. But now we were BACK..... the Drive in was once again on the calendar and it wasn't about to be wiped out.

Now as many of you know and do not need to be told our Lady Captain is not one to shy away from a good time or a fancy dress day we have to remind you of the Hawaiin Nigh back in 2019. Anyway it was our Captain Tony who would now step into the spotlight and kick off the year.

As the time approached a familiar tune could be heard from the front balcony and in the distance our great Captains were spotted, but not in their usual mode of transport. Lady Captain Susan aka Missus Doyle could be seen pounding the drive way pushing the beloved Captain or should I say Father Jack Hackett from side to side as he downed his refreshment of choice.....a good auld Jemmy.

The crowd welcomed the duo and the laughs and hugs continued on. Susan and Tony were welcomed by friends, family and members on arrival and without a doubt played their parts down to a tee.